Featured Article: Reasons Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys….By Pearl


Do good girls really like bad boys? And if so, why is that? Is it the chemistry? Is it the element of surprise? Is it the thrills? Is it out of revenge on an all-so-pure lifestyle that is simply not working anymore? Ladies, why are you into bad boys? Let’s discover 10 things that might be drawing you to the back seat of a bad boys car in the middle of the night, with your arms wrapped around his tattooed body. Lol.

1: Bad boys seem to be more passionate. Or at least this is the general belief. Bad boys are always more or less consciously associated with passionate activities. But they are also thought to be more passionate when it comes to fighting for the women they love or for a social cause. So it is easy to see why the ladies might dig that – no one likes a wimp, right?

2: Bad boys are more secure. Ladies tend to prefer a man who has self-confidence and security. If the man they are with is secure at all times, women tend to feel better protected. Bad boys always manage to at least create the illusion of being extremely protective and secure, having their head on their shoulders at all times and taking the bull by its horns no matter what. Who wouldn’t like to fall into the arms of someone like that?

3: Bad boys make their own calls. Rarely can these men be forced to do something they do not find pleasing or useful or even inspirational enough. And despite the fact that this might cause some troubles on the relationship front, it can also prove to be quite good when it comes to bad boys not listening to what certain people gotta say, right? A man who sticks to his beliefs and who makes his own decisions is definitely a sexy man, and all ladies dig these brothers.

4: Bad boys are mysterious. They somehow always manage to create and maintain an aura of mystery around themselves. And even though we ladies love to know their men by heart, some of us also prefer to have certain things hidden from them. Sometimes something in our man’s past that is hidden, that he never talks about, just drives us crazy. Lol.

5: Bad boys are quieter. You can somehow always spot them sitting in a dark corner of a bar, looking meditative and thinking about God knows what. This scenario just can’t keep the ladies away. Bad boys seem to have a lot on their minds, but they are having problems expressing it at times, and this is of course because of the tough character they need to show. This is also something that ladies consider highly appealing.

6: Bad boys force the bad side out of a good girl. All good girls like to picture what their life would look like should they be on the bad side. Bad boys manage to help them achieve just that and help them get rid of their shyness.

7: Bad boys offer continuous challenges. You might think that good girls like to have tons of stability in their lives or that they might want a guy who always does what they want him to do. But the reality stands a little different. Girls need to be challenged from time to time. They need to be with a guy who can challenge them both psychologically and physically, one who likes to reinvent himself at times and one who challenges them to do the same.

8: Bad boys are never boring. They always have something to do, places to go, people to see. You can’t say you dislike traveling together and going on new adventures all the time. At times, their adventures might prove to be just a tad more dangerous than a good girl might expect, but that is the fun in going out with such a bad boy, anyway.

9: Bad boys want to become good. At least, some of them. And who else could better accomplish this than a good girl? Nice girls always tend to have a blind spot when it comes to bad boys gone good, and they just adore seeing them change. They are also highly interested in helping them change and being able to brag about this accomplishment. “He used to be in a gang, but he changed all that when he got with me!”

Of course this is not an exhaustive list of the reasons why good girls usually fall for bad boys, but it should give you a more clearer idea as to what might be happening if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. Plus, everyone falls in love for different reasons, what one girl would consider to be attractive might be completely repulsive to another one.


Stuck In The Traffic Jams Of Life….By Luvnosa


Traffic jams…. I just hate them. Yet, if you’re living in a city of much size like I am in Lagos, then you will realise that they’re a fact of life. I don’t know about you, but if I have something to do, I have no problem waiting to do it for quite a while as the clock ticks endlessly. But if my mind is not being entertained, however, deadly boredom sets in and indignation about my lot in life rises. “Why should I have to wait. I have important things to do!” is along the lines of my train of thought during those times.
I recently just met a friend who i can say is one of the calmest people that I know. The last time we spoke about this Lagos traffic jam issue, she said she uses meditation as an integral part of her life.  For her, the daily time spent with her thoughts is a placid pool surrounded by the turmoil of living. If she gets stuck having to wait, she uses the time as a chance to observe passersby and take in their presence without reacting to it. She breathes in and exhales, her life essence mixing with her surroundings. She’s been practicing this skill for many years, and it seems to serve her well.
I, however, have a restless soul that could stand quite a bit of calming.  The thought of sitting peacefully and not thinking about anything is a skill that definitely does not come to me naturally. So my new friend Vera(hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning her name. Lol) gave me a present. A small book which was a little over 2×2 inches. It lives in my handbag now, always ready for me to pull it out.
The title is “BELIEVING IN OURSELVES, A CELEBRATION OF WOMEN.” I love the title as I grew up in the era where I was assured that my life would be complete only when a Prince Charming whisked me away. Little did I know that he’d have bad breath and a temper, and sometimes I’d be much better off learning how to fend for myself. Lol.
So now, when I’m forced to sit and wait, I can randomly open the book. Each page contains one or two pithy quotes on which to ponder. One of my recent flips fell open to a saying by Sonja Friedman, which said that “Don’t accept that others know you better than yourself.” I found these words to be immediately powerful, as they suggested that there is a depth in myself from which I could draw peace.
Plumbing the depths of human experience is what I find myself doing more and more these days.  I’ve found that there is a wealth of sources out there from which I can draw inspiration. What has been enlightening for me is that there’s so much within my own self that can be a source of strength. Now I just need to remember this the next time I find myself stuck in one of life’s many traffic jams. And the same goes for you all too.
*Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize that they were the big things.*

For The Guys: Names You Should Never Call Your Girl


1. Bubble Butt – This is one of those names you should never, and I mean never call your girlfriend since this will end it all, and there will be no chance in getting back with her again.

2. Dummy – Before you give me that look, let me clear your doubt now. I never knew people use this as a pet name until 2weeks ago when i heard of a girl who broke up with her man cos he kept insisting on calling her ‘Dummy’ and according to him, it was a pet name. So guys, you wanna lose your girl? Then call her ‘Dummy’.

3. Dumpling – This is one of those tricky cute names to call your girlfriend. Especially for us as Nigerians. Most guys might think its fine to call their babes Dumpling, but in actually fact we ladies think you’re trying to make a comment about our weight whenever you call us that.

4. Fruit Loop – Believe it or not guys, this name may sound innocent at first, but the more you call her this, the more she’ll take it that you think she’s mentally unstable.

5. Goober – Like seriously? Do you really want to go there? We no be Oyinbo ooh. I don’t need to any more.

6. Lamb Chop – Ok guys, at first glance this name might seem fine, but when you think about it you’re actually comparing your girlfriend to the slaughtering of an innocent little animal. Duh????

7. Love Lumps – Really? Shez the lump in your love? Guy abeg if you don’t want hot soup poured all over you then don’t use this one.

8. Your Ex-Gf’s Name: Guy, if you try this I assure you that nobody will be there to save you or rescue you from the hands of your girlfriend. If you come out of this one alive please make sure you go straight to church for Thanksgiving because it could only have been God who delivered you from this one.

Always remember guys, a bad name can send her off crying or it can send her into interrogation mode and trust me you don’t wanna experience that. While a good cute name however, can send your girlfriend (and you) to the Promised Land. *wink*

Featured Article: What Does Friendship Really Mean?…. By Pearl


I must first of all express how glad I am to be a feature writer on the new and revamped Luvnosa’ Blog.

Ok, to the topic on ground.. Friendship!

I have ran into many people who can be nice at times and those that can be really mean. What is it with the rudness? Is it really that hard to trust the ones you’ve talked to for over a long time or that you can trust with advice and answers?

This has really been pulling my leg lately because I go through it every moment. No matter how nice I try to be, people tend to get the best of me and it really makes me angry. I am not taking judgment on anyone but I’m just telling you what I go through. And I try my best not to let these little gigs get me down but it’s so frustrating when you try talking to a friend you have never even talked for over a month or a long time and they end up leaving without even reading what you have to say. I mean, I know and understand that we all have lives to think about but would it kill to just consentrate on your buddies every one in a while? Would it really be so much harm as to do that?

Friendship is about having wonderful moments with your friends and sticking to them no matter what you do or what goes on. Everyday I stick up to everyone and every person who is my friend. I’m always excited to seeing their usernames on the Instant Message and I get ready to talk to them. Sometimes I don’t get no reply, and there are other times when they just end up leaving after I try saying hello. I understand if everyone is busy, but why this? Why leave as soon as someone else is trying to talk to you? Again I am not blaming anyone for this it just makes me feel bad when people do that cause it’s a sign to me- a sign that everyone thinks I am annoying or something.

Speaking of annoyance, you may think that just because I care about friends makes me annoying. You know what? Fine it does. But I have respect for them. I show kindness, respect, and all the love in the world for them. I show them that they mean the world to me. I make them gifts, I provide them comfort, and I provide them with answers. They love coming to me, so why can’t most of you be the same?

I did not write this article for any arguments or gossip. The only reason why I made this article is to give you guys a lesson in what happens when people will sometimes change their ways about you and all what you receive is a stab in the back instead of a thank you or a reason why they end up breaking your heart. I hope that when you read this article you will think about what friendsip means to you and to everyone else. My side of friendship means so much to me that I will do anything to keep my true best friends beside me. And I will take the librety to be anyone’s friend and talk to them and have fun or even get to knowing them better. If you ever feel down and need a good person to talk to, come to me or come to anyone you may know who trusts you the best and who always knows what to say. Just be carefull- friendship is not an easy thing to keep.

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Moment Of Love


Every person in the world has a heart

Every heart has a place within that wants only to love and be loved

Let us connect with that place of love in our own heart and in the hearts of all around us

Let us take a moment now to open to the heart connection we share with all people through love.

Luvnosa Says So…..

The Power Of Choice….By Luvnosa


Every one of us makes hundreds of choices every day. Every choice we make has an impact on our lives. Even seemingly insignificant choices can affect what we experience and sometimes how we feel as we move through the day. When hunger strikes, we can reach for that healthy, nutritious snack, or we can choose the sugar high of junk food. This choice impacts our body and health, and can even affect the way we think and feel about ourselves. 

The more important the decision, the more profound its effect. For instance, how do I act towards that person who treated me badly? Where do I choose to focus my time and energy? Do I choose to be passive and wait for things to happen to me, or do I set clear intentions and create what I want in my life? These major decisions have a profound impact not only on how our lives unfold, but also on how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to others. Every choice we make, however big or small, affects us in some way.

How Do You Make Choices? What do you use to guide you in making choices and decisions throughout your day? If you are interested in living a richer, fuller life, there is a way you can give your choices a clear focus and direction. There is a foundation upon which you can base all of your decisions which can make life better not only for you, but also for all around you. This foundation is to choose based on what’s best for all. 

May we do our best to choose what’s best for all….

Imagine a world where everyone makes choices based on what’s best for all. Imagine if every parent, spouse, friend, teacher, businessman, and politician truly did their best to choose what’s best for all involved in every decision they made. We would certainly live in a much more caring, supportive world.

Now imagine if you based all of your choices every day on what’s best for all involved. You might have to make compromises and even sacrifices at times, yet think of how much fuller and clearer your life could be. Think of how much better you might feel about yourself.

It’s the Intention. “But how do I know what is really best?” you might ask. The answer is simple. It doesn’t matter. What matters is not the choice you make, but rather the intention behind your choice. Many times you won’t know what’s best. You will not be clear which choice is best for all concerned. What matters is that whatever decision you make, you are clear in your intention of choosing based on what’s best for all.

If it later turns out that you made what appears to have been a bad choice, there’s no need for guilt. By simply knowing that you did your best to choose with a sincere desire for what’s best for all, your conscience stays clear and open. This then allows you to more easily learn from your mistakes, and to live with a clear heart and mind. 

What’s Best for Me, Too! Choosing what’s best does not mean you have to always sacrifice yourself for others. An overly exhausted mother can lose her temper easily. Some time off for this mother might seem selfish, yet it can help her to be a better mother to her children. At times, giving to yourself is what’s best for all.

Big Choices Make a Big Difference. With the many choices we make every day, it would be impossible to consciously think about what’s best all the time. With smaller choices, there’s no need to consciously think about it. We know that we carry this intention with us in all that we do. What is important, though, is that whenever we find ourselves facing a difficult or important decision, we remind ourselves of our intention to choose based on what’s best for all.

By making a commitment to practice this principle every day and in all aspects of your life, choosing what’s best will gradually become a natural part of who you are. You may be surprised to find your heart feeling lighter and your mind becoming clearer. Your decisions become easier and more focused, and your life becomes much richer and fuller.

The Most Important Principle. Choosing what’s best for all of us is the most important principle. It provides a solid foundation for all other principles in life. Thus, as we move through each day of our lives, let us do our best to choose what’s best for all.

Humanity’s War….By Luvnosa


There is a war raging about our Mother Earth; a war that can’t be fought or won by the killing of human flesh or slandering the personal beliefs of others. It is a Holy War, a battle between the will of the tyrant and the will of the people. But most importantly, it is a battle that must be fought from within one’s own being.
This war is multi-dimensional by trait, and unseen by the naked eye, for it lives on the inner workings of the mind, soul, and spirit, manifested through the hearts of mankind. The position that you take at this time is very important for the welfare of our precious planet, as well as the balance of all existence as we know it.
We can no longer fight cruelty with unjust thoughts or hatred with reactive violence. It is our task to liberate our spirits through actualization of our wills. We, as the people of Earth, cannot comprehend one experience without the understanding of its opposite; light and dark, sad and happy, death and birth, hate and love. It is by this understanding that the duality of mankind can be healed with the uniting of all wills toward loving interactions. Strength of will comes from the ability to unite all of our realms of duality.
Joy through forgiveness,
Self-esteem through understanding,
Peace through strength, and
Love through endurance.
Our earthly battles cannot be fought only on the physical plane of existence. Instead, we must fight our battles within our own personal conflicts reaching towards the creation of perfect love and perfect trust throughout our being. United we stand; divided we fall. If you fall, I fall, for we all come from the same Spirit. It is the duality of human consciousness that we battle.
There is no room for destructive prejudices, only the will to understand our differences. This link of understanding must permeate us through these personal challenges that are before us now, becoming our Shield of Truth everlasting. For in this battle only truth will prevail. I ask you, Where is the LOVE? Where do you stand, really? The time is now; the place. . . . within us all.
*Always remember that all the darkness of the world cannot put out the light of a single candle.*

Featured Article: ‘Exercise’ Just As Good As Drugs For Treating Common Diseases?….By Charles


Exercise may be just as effective as drugs for treating common diseases such as heart failure and strokes, a major review of evidence has suggested.

Researchers from three leading institutions say that exercise is a “viable alternative” to drug therapy in preventing deaths from coronary heart disease, heart failure, diabetes and stroke.

The study raises the question of whether doctors might be unnecessarily prescribing drugs when a simple instruction to be more active might be more appropriate. The rates of drug prescription all around the world have risen dramatically over the past decade.

However, only 14 per cent of adults exercise regularly and only one third of adults meet the recommended levels of physical activity.

The authors said there was a “blind spot” in knowledge about the true benefits of exercise, but health charities and the NHS said that, while exercise had a “vital role” in improving health, people on medication for any condition should not stop taking drugs prescribed by their doctor.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal, looked at the results of 305 randomised trials involving 340,000 people and compared the effectiveness of exercise versus drug treatments in reducing mortality in patients with the four conditions.

They found no “statistically significant” difference between exercise and drug interventions and discovered that for stroke, exercise was actually more effective than drug treatment. However, for heart failure, diuretic drugs were more effective than exercise.

The team, which included researchers from the London School of Economics, Harvard Medical School and Stanford University, said that the evidence-base for the benefits of exercise in reducing mortality from the conditions was small and more trials were urgently needed.

“The findings of our review suggest that exercise and many drug interventions are often potentially similar in terms of their mortality benefits; exercise interventions should therefore be considered as a viable alternative to, or alongside, drug therapy,” they conclude, adding that “[in] cases where drug options provide only modest benefit, patients deserve to understand the relative impact that physical activity might have on their condition. Medicines are an extremely important part of the treatment of many heart conditions and people on prescribed drugs should keep taking their vital meds. If you have a heart condition or have been told you’re at high risk of heart disease, talk to your doctor about the role that exercise can play in your treatment.”

Dr Peter, deputy director of research at the Stroke Association said that exercise and physiotherapy were known to play “a vital role in helping patients recover after stroke” but agreed that exercise “should not be considered an alternative for patients taking prescribed medication as advised by their GP”.

Regular exercise is important as part of a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, decisions on which drugs to prescribe are made by doctors based on the individual needs of their patients. It is not advisable for anybody to stop taking medication without speaking to their doctor first.

Featured Article: Love Is In The Moment…. By Annie


It was early morning, yet already it had been a stupendously bad day for me. One bad thing after another. The downward spiral continued when a large pitcher of orange juice slid from my hands and smashed to the floor. Glass and sticky juice spewed to the farthest corners of the kitchen, slithering down cabinets and appliances, puddling at my feet.

Stunned, I looked at the mess. Then I dropped dejectedly down to the floor, my eyes filling with overdue tears. The tears came from begrudging and angry acceptance that “today is just not my day.”

Bad day or not, errands had to be done. Filled with angst and negative mental baggage, I got in my car to drive into town. In the few minutes it took to travel to the bank I made a decision. I would be careful not to pass my bad day off to anyone else. I would be cordial and polite. And I would NOT retaliate when that harried driver pulled quickly and rudely in front of me causing me to slam on my breaks, dumping the contents of my drink onto the front car seat!

Standing in line at the bank, I was silently talking to myself. Actually, I was scolding myself. All of the events that had accumulated and contributed to my bad day were, in reality, so very minor and trivial. I was over-reacting. I was simply  indulging in self-pity.

For the second time that day my eyes filled with tears as I realized how disconnected I felt from individuals around the world who are trying to cope with truly traumatic events in their lives. They all seemed so distant and unknowable, and this justified and intensified my belief that I was being self-centered and selfish. I was sure that all my efforts to be a caring and loving person were for naught.

A voice broke through my mental distractions. Somehow I had mechanically finished my bank transaction and the teller was trying to get my attention. “Young lady,” she was saying, “Young lady!”

I looked up and into the eyes of the bank teller, a matured woman with a gentle beauty. Her keen eyes reflected concern as she leaned forward and softly said, “I don’t know what is happening inside of you, but please, believe me when I tell you that – everything will be okay.”

And then she did something quite marvelous. My hands were resting on the counter. She took her hands and placed them gently on top of mine. The touch was quick but electric. And in that moment my world shifted.

In the moment of her touch my self-doubt vanished. I found understanding and acceptance. I knew that love was being channeled through the heart of this woman directly into my heart. I was infused with a profound awareness – that I am loved. I was speechless. I smiled. It was my first smile of the day. But it would not be my last, as from that moment on my entire day was transformed.

Perhaps without even knowing it, the kind-hearted bank teller allowed herself to be a conduit of divine love. She was instrumental in transforming a day that seemed destined to be a day of tears into a day of smiles. The seemingly small gesture of a this gentle woman not only changed the course of my day, it became a powerful reminder in my life. The profound effect of that one simple, loving touch remains in my heart to this day.

More people than not scoff at the idea of world peace. Laugh if you wish. As for myself, I believe it is possible to transform our world … one act of loving kindness at a time.

Remember: A simple smile. A warm handshake. A kind word. A gentle hug. Through these, we open the transformative power of love.

Featured Article: Making ‘Me’ A Priority….by Fred


About five years ago, though I led a very good life, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated.  My life was incredibly busy and full, and I really loved everything I was doing, yet at the same time, I really regretted not having more time to spend on my own.  I kept promising myself I was going to make time for myself, yet rarely did I actually manage to do it.  I felt increasingly frustrated that any free time in my schedule almost invariably vanished because of some pressing need.
Finally, one day I had a powerful revelation.  The reason I kept giving up the times I had hoped to spend alone was because something too good to pass up would come along, or a friend I really wanted to see would call to get together at the last minute.  Yet what I realized was that in continually giving up my time to myself, I wasn’t making me a priority.  I was putting everyone and everything else above me and my needs!  I realized that if I didn’t want to be frustrated about this any more, I had to treat myself with the same importance as I treated everyone else.
So what I did, was to take out my calendar and write in a time for myself one night of each week.  I basically made a weekly date with myself.  Not only that, but I also made a deep commitment to treat myself with just as much respect as I would treat any of my friends.  This meant that, as with any good friend, I would not break any appointments with myself unless it was a real emergency. 
What a joy it was to find myself with one evening a week all to myself!  I had a whole evening to read, relax, write, go on a walk, or whatever else I wanted to do by myself.  Suddenly my whole life felt so much richer and fuller.  I had finally given myself the gift of the thing I felt I was most missing in my life!
This was all over five years ago.  I have faithfully continued my weekly date with myself and almost never given it up through the years.  My life continues as full and rich as ever, yet my frustration about not having time to myself has disappeared.  I now thoroughly enjoy this special time to be with myself every week.  It has even developed into a deep spiritual practice where I use the time each week to ask for divine guidance as I review what I’m doing with my life and what I’m really here on this planet for.  This weekly date with myself (and with God/Spirit) has helped to my make life so much richer and fuller than it was before I started this practice five years ago.  Thank you, God, for this inspiration and gift in my life. 
For any of you who find yourself overwhelmed with appointments, meetings, etc., and not having enough time to yourself.  I highly recommend considering making a date with yourself and writing it into your schedule.  Not only that, consider also making a commitment that you are as important as any of your friends or meetings.  Don’t break your date with yourself without a really, really good reason.  This is a wonderful way to ensure that we love, support, and empower ourselves, just as we love, support, and empower all around us.  I wish each of you all the very best in whatever you choose to do in your life